The NEX Adjustable 2-Tier Stainless Steel Dish Rack (NX-BOWLSHELF02) is an essential for a compact and beautiful kitchen. It can provide a stylish touch to your kitchen and provide many functions in very compact spaces. The Dish Rack is very durable and stable, with the ability to hold many kitchen utensils at once and provides a quick dry to keep out unnecessary bacteria out of the kitchen. Customers have the ability to just the height and the length of the dish rack that will allow them to choose measurement to suit their sink. Being high and width adjustable is excellent because it allows the sink to adjust based off of your sink dimensions. Organization is an important factor to help keep the kitchen clean and tidy. With the NEX Dish Rack, we are able to provide efficient organization in dishes, utensils, pots, cups, etc. The Dish Rack can give families a spacious and hygienic environment to store their daily kitchenware. The 2 Tiers give families lots of space to store their kitchenware in compact spaces. Stability & Durability: The NEX Disk Rack is made out of Premium 304 Stainless Steel that is designed to prevent solids, rusting, and corrosion. The 304 Stainless Steel Frames are stable and durable and created to hold up to 50lbs. The 4 rubber covered legs not only help keep the rack stable, but also protects countertops and sinks. Flexibility & Modern Design: This Disk Rack is designed to be very compact. Not only is it very compact, but also multifunctional where it can help families perform various functions at an efficient rate. Adjustable height allows the Dish Rack to be stored at any place. The 6 moveable S-Hooks allows for customization and can hook kitchenware such as spatulas, spoons, etc. The draining tray is designed with a beautiful polish that will help repel water keeping dishes dry! Double grooves on shelves help ensure there is no movement and slippage between plates and dishes.